We have a rocking story

Following the footsteps of the “father of value investing”, Benjamin Graham, Kalkine was founded with an aim of channelizing energies and enthusiasm towards the stock market into something that operates for the greater good and benefits people at large.

The founding blocks, ethics and code of conduct were laid and our CEO, Mr. Kunal Sawhney started to put together people who he thought could understand his vision. From very humble beginnings, we took everyday as it came and still believe it to be day zero for us in terms of where we wish to reach. Slowly we found our very loyal subscriber base and worked relentlessly to make sure, we delivered on our promise. The promise to build long lasting relationships based on trust.

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Our Presence

Today we have spread our wings and visibility across the continent of Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Based on the methodology of Value Investing, we are now set to go Global by extending our services to provide recommendations on investing in stocks looking at various undervalued scenarios and clocking-in specific requirements on dividend yields, value versus growth attributes, and hot & emerging pockets of businesses.

Kalkine-Location Map