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Kalkine: An independent global equities research firm, with a knack to study this extremely fast-paced Market and provide ideas, implementation, and liquidity to members. We work on the concept that the performance of a stock is based on numerous tangible and intangible components. Our concept is to look for companies that have long term value and/ or growth prospects and those prospects that have currently been obscured by macro/ micro-economic factors or industry factors.

Kalkine Media: Kalkine Media is owned and operated by Kalkine Media Pty Ltd. We are an investor relations group and media house based out of Sydney, Australia. We provide a knowledge bank entailing various comprehensively researched work products and news on listed companies (Blue-chip, mid-cap, and small-cap companies) along with insights on macro- and microeconomics that drive the markets on a day to day basis. We specialize in providing a high-end content-driven platform covering industry news, market commentaries, specific company announcements/ updates, result releases, and stock price movements while also touching upon market catalysts at a global level relating to demographics and key economic indicators.

How do we achieve our goals?

Our employees are our strength. With a workforce of over 300 qualified research, sales and engineering professionals we envision to grow exponentially in terms of talent as we firmly believe that the right mix of human resources is the true strategy to climb great height.

Global Presence

Australia has been our most successful and comfortable market which has always felt like home. We look for stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange that are out of favor with the market. We try to buy those with low price earnings ratios and higher than average yield. Companies that have long term growth prospects are picked out and those prospects have been currently been obscured by macro-economic factors or industry factors.

United Kingdom
We have a passionate team of analysts and researchers studying and analyzing the London Stock exchange trends. We operate out of our office in London and provide guidance to our subscribers about which stocks to buy, sell or hold. Our key goal is to provide ideas to clients that enable them to navigate and achieve success in complex markets like UK.

New Zealand
With New Zealand being a thriving yet stable economy, we are passionate about understanding the qualitative and quantitative factors when looking at stocks. Internationally, New Zealand is recognized as having a dynamic environment and this adds to the flavour of investment thesis. The latest trends have highlighted New Zealand to be among the top-ranking economies for being crowned for various Business Segments and Business List entitlements. This makes the Kiwiland an attractive destination for business houses and investors and us very passionate about making our space here.